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North Carolina has some of the most strict traffic laws in the nation. For example, if you are convicted of speeding 81 mph in a 70 mph zone, you will find that your license will be suspended not only in North Carolina, but in virtually ALL states also (see below). Additionally, as many drivers discover, North Carolina tickets frequently require a mandatory court appearance. As such, a driver cannot simply "pay off" the ticket. Instead, he or she must actually go to court. No one wants to spend a day sitting in a courtroom, but it is particularly inconvenient when you are coming from out-of-state.

You may not have to go to court. The Plyler Law Firm provides convenient and quality legal representation to many out-of-state drivers. Even if the ticket says you must appear in court, if you retain the Plyler Law Firm to represent you, we can provide you with a "Waiver of Appearance" to sign that lets you avoid appearing in court. One of our attorneys or affiliates will go to court for you and take care of everything. We can send a waiver of appearance to you by e-mail, fax, or regular mail. If you value your time and want to avoid the stress of appearing in court in North Carolina, retaining the Plyler Law Firm is a wise investment.

Note: The Plyler Law Firm currently is only accepting representation for tickets to be heard in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina.


Just because you are a resident of another state, do not make the mistake of thinking that the North Carolina ticket will not follow you when you leave. North Carolina and most other states have joined together under the Non-Resident Violator Compact so that a suspended license or a ticket in one state is reflected as a ticket or loss of license in every other state.

Also, if you ignore a ticket in North Carolina, you will likely later find yourself unable to obtain a license in another state, or even renew your license, until you have resolved the ticket here and had your driving privileges in North Carolina restored. Most states also exchange information under the National Driver License Compact to prevent drivers from receiving multiple tickets in different states without triggering enforcement action. Being located near Interstate 95 (I-95) in North Carolina and the military installations of Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, the Plyler Law Firm can provide the assistance that non-residents require regarding NC speeding tickets and other traffic violations.

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To e-mail Mr. Plyler an inquiry about your North Carolina traffic ticket, please click here. In order to assist us in responding, please be sure to include ALL of the following information:
(1) your name as it appears on the citation;
(2) your address;
(3) your day and evening phone numbers;
(4) the court date;
(5) the city in North Carolina where the court is located;
(6) describe the traffic violation with which you were charged [ex. speeding - 75 mph in a 55 mph zone];
(7) tell us the details of what occurred before and during the traffic stop;
(8) tell us about your driving record; and
(9) provide any other information that you believe may be relevant.

You may also call call Matt Plyler at (910) 483-4LAW (4529).

Note: The Plyler Law Firm currently is only accepting representation for tickets to be heard in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

(Please note that the Plyler Law Firm can only provide assistance on North Carolina tickets and cannot assist on tickets issued in other states.)

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