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When a driver receives a traffic citation or ticket in North Carolina, the financial impact upon that driver and other drivers in their family or household can be dramatic. A single ticket can substantially increase insurance costs. One insurance point results in a 25% increase in your NC insurance premium and two points results in a whopping 45% increase. Often a person may be tempted to plead guilty or responsible, not realizing that if the matter was properly handled by someone with knowledge and experience, they might have faced a lesser or possibly no increase in their insurance. Also, do not forget the importance of protecting a clean driving record, as it may help in the event that another ticket is received in the future.

The Plyler Law Firm can usually undertake representation on traffic matters based simply on telephone conversations and documents sent through the mail. Often, Matthew Plyler can utilize his knowledge and experience to achieve a more favorable result. Mr. Plyler can recognize when a plea to a reduced speed or violation, a prayer for judgment continued (PJC), or other options may be available and in a person's best interest. Additionally, by having legal representation, a person charged with a violation may be able to avoid having to appear in court, thereby not having to miss work or spend a day at the courthouse. Please ask us about how a waiver of appearance can be provided through the mail or email to lessen the inconvenience to you.

Note: The Plyler Law Firm currently is only accepting representation for tickets to be heard in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina.


The Safe Drivers Incentive Program, is legislation enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly that rewards safe drivers with the lower insurance costs, but that lets insurance companies penalize drivers who are convicted of moving traffic violations or who have caused accidents with higher insurance premiums based on a points system. These points are assessed for convictions and at-fault accidents occuring during the the three years immediately before the date of application for the insurance issuance or renewal. The points for each moving violation are listed below, followed by a chart showing the financial impact a conviction will have on a person's North Carolina insurance premiums.

12 Points:
Manslaughter or negligent homicide involving a motor vehicle
Prearranged highway racing or lending a car for such
Hit-and-Run with bodily injury or death
Driving Under the Influence
Driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or greater
Driving a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .04% or greater
Driving while impaired
Transporting illegal intoxicating liquor for sale.

10 Points:
Highway racing or lending a car for such (not prearranged)
Speeding to elude arrest.

8 Points:
Driving during revocation or suspension of license or registration.

4 Points:
Reckless driving
Hit-and-Run, with property damage only
Passing a stopped school bus displaying its stop sign and signals
Speeding in excess of 75 mph
Speeding in excess of 80 mph in a 70 mph zone
Driving after consuming alcohol if the driver is under 21 years of age.

2 Points:
Illegal passing
Speeding in excess of 55 mph but less than 76 mph
Driving on wrong side of road
At-Fault accident resulting in property damage in excess of $1,500, but less than $2,500.

1 Point:
All other moving violations or at-fault accidents resulting in property damage of $1500 or less and bodily injury of $500 or less.

EXCEPTIONS: No points will be charged for: Speeding 10 mph or less over the posted speed limit provided that (1) the violation did not occur in a school zone; and (2) there is a clean driving record for the previous three years. [BUT, if a person gets a second moving violation within the three year period, then the points for BOTH tickets are assessed!!]. Additionally, each household can use one prayer for judgment continued (pjc) every three years as long as no one else in the household has used a PJC during that time. If multiple violations occur, only the violation with the higher point value is assessed. Lastly, points exceptions exist for certain at-fault accidents involving contact with animals or fowl, flying gravel or falling objects.


If your basic insurance was $300 before a traffic ticket, the following chart shows how much your insurance will be after the increase for a conviction.

SDIP Points Percentage Rate Increase New Cost if Basic Rate was $300 before the citation
1 25% $375
2 45% $435
3 65% $495
4 90% $570
5 120% $660
6 150% $750
7 180% $840
8 220% $960
9 260% $1080
10 300% $1200
11 350% $1350
12 400% $1500

Don't make a costly mistake.
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If you need a North Carolina traffic attorney, please contact us for details on how the Plyler Law Firm can make that traffic ticket less inconvenient for you!! To e-mail Mr. Plyler an inquiry about your North Carolina traffic ticket, please click here. In order to assist us in responding, please be sure to include ALL of the following information:
(1) your name as it appears on the citation;
(2) your address;
(3) your day and evening phone numbers;
(4) the court date;
(5) the city in North Carolina where the court is located;
(6) describe the traffic violation with which you were charged [ex. speeding - 75 mph in a 55 mph zone];
(7) tell us the details of what occurred before and during the traffic stop;
(8) tell us about your driving record; and
(9) provide any other information that you believe may be relevant.

You may also call call Matt Plyler at (910) 483-4LAW (4529).

Note: The Plyler Law Firm currently is only accepting representation for tickets to be heard in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

(Please note that the Plyler Law Firm can only provide assistance on North Carolina tickets and cannot assist on tickets issued in other states.)

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