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Are you starting a new business, or have you revisited the legal organization of your ongoing business recently?

Have you selected the appropriate form for your business? Will it be a a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company?

Are you training your future competitors by not having properly drafted and executed non-competition agreements?

Do you need assistance with collection of a debt?

Have you satisfied all the corporate formalities and taken steps to protect your personal assets in the event that a disaster strikes in the future?

Are you in need of a litigator to either bring an action in court on your behalf or defend an action brought against you?

The Plyler Law Firm provides representation to both start-ups and existing businesses. Matthew Plyler works with clients to learn how they operate their businesses so that his advice and services can be tailored to meet the client's needs.

The firm provides assistance regarding selection of the form of business, organizational and operational issues, the sale and purchase of existing businesses, shareholder disputes, insurance disputes, and employment issues. Mr. Plyler regularly engages in the negotiation of business deals as well as contract drafting and interpretation. Of course, the Plyler Law Firm can provide representation in business litigation in all state and federal courts in North Carolina.

We recognize that business decisions are made by business leaders. We help those leaders recognize the legal issues and options so that they can make the right business decision for their operation.

At the Plyler Law Firm, we build business relationships. If would like to discuss your situation, please call the Matt Plyler directly at at (910) 483-4LAW (4529) or click here to email Mr. Plyler. Please include your name, address, day and evening phone numbers. We respond promptly to all inquiries.

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